When it comes to the source for fresh frozen Mackerel and Herring from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, you should choose NORPEL™ as your preferred supplier and partner.

Our location is in close proximity to the rich fishing grounds, which allows our vessels to return to the plant with the fresh caught fish within hours. The vessels are equipped with RSW ( Refrigerated Sea Water ) systems to keep the fish at optimal temperature during the transit to the plant from the fishing grounds.

Upon arrival at the Norpel™ plant, the fish begins our extensive Quality Control process. We follow a very strict HACCP plan and only freeze the highest quality of fish. Throughout the process we continuously monitor the temperature of the fish as well as the plant environment to insure a high-quality food grade product. The process begins by pumping the fish from the vessels and up to four (4) separate sizes, allowing us to meet the requirements of our valued customers. By using fast freezing vertical plate freezers we can freeze our product within four (4) hours, giving you a competitive advantage of unsurpassed quality. The frozen block of fish is then mechanically placed into a sealed poly bag and a one-piece master carton with two straps. This ensures that the quality and integrity that our customers deserve is maintained during the transit period to its final destination. It is then stored in the cold store at a temperature of -20˚C (Centrigrade) awaiting prompt shipment to our valued customers around the globe.